Thoughts: Why We Do This

As compassionate artists and creative problem solvers we know there’s always more to be done-and better, smarter ways of doing it. While good design can change hearts and minds, we know profound, world change requires getting out and getting involved. With sustainability and cultural relevance as our founding principles, we’re working towards an even higher level of social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Welcome to the Firebelly Foundation.

A Logical Extension Small Studio. Big Hearts.

Creating good design for good reason for almost 10 years, Firebelly understands sustainability and the importance of culturally relevant, socially responsible work. Our clients continually afford us real opportunities to affect the world around us and we love them for that.

Our projects are proof that design can change hearts and minds. Good design for good reason doesn’t just call attention to the problem; it provides a call to action-communicating and justifying the need for involvement while offering researched answers and realistic solutions.

But Firebelly knows design can’t change the world all by itself. As designers, we’ve decided sometimes we need to stop making things, shut down our computers and get out of the studio to get things done. If design is about communicating, philanthropy is about doing. And since Firebelly is all about getting involved and getting things done, we decided to start a foundation.